Current positions Just DEL, GND and TWR

EBCI_TWR292935121.300 MHzDetails
EDDF_TWR531389119.900 MHzDetails
EDDH_TWR535423126.850 MHzDetails
EDDK_GND401976121.725 MHzDetails
EDDK_TWR572836124.975 MHzDetails
EDDN_TWR534093118.300 MHzDetails
EDDP_TWR491420121.100 MHzDetails
EDDS_TWR586038118.800 MHzDetails
EDDT_GND590994121.750 MHzDetails
EDDT_TWR561189124.525 MHzDetails
EDDV_TWR527861120.175 MHzDetails
EDFH_TWR203364119.650 MHzDetails
EGKK_TWR478067124.225 MHzDetails
KMIA_TWR385160119.300 MHzDetails
LEGR_TWR109698118.850 MHzDetails
LFPG_TWR566693119.250 MHzDetails
LICA_TWR505099125.900 MHzDetails
LJLJ_TWR432275118.000 MHzDetails
LOWG_TWR558811118.200 MHzDetails
LOWS_TWR582139118.100 MHzDetails
LSGG_TWR514786118.700 MHzDetails
NTTX_TWR301586129.800 MHzDetails
OIIE_TWR426139118.700 MHzDetails
OKBK_TWR510769118.300 MHzDetails
SBBR_GND589225121.800 MHzDetails
SBBR_TWR545625118.100 MHzDetails
SBCT_TWR413075118.150 MHzDetails
SBGR_TWR479502118.400 MHzDetails
SBPJ_TWR437711118.000 MHzDetails
SBPS_TWR591591118.850 MHzDetails
SCTB_TWR573426122.800 MHzDetails
SKRG_TWR508241118.600 MHzDetails

About this app Trying to explain things

This app is to provide the ability to read a real ATIS service. Its use is not so difficult: just click on the desired position and standby to listen it.

To gather the best experience possible, take a look below on those two points.

Browsers Supported

Due to the limitation of the HTML5 player, only the Google Chrome and the Mozilla Firefox are supported.

How to fill your ATIS for a correct reading

ATCs: please fill your ATIS on the following way to ensure a correct reading:

ATC Position

Write the name of the position as it should be called on the radio (don't write the name of the airport, like Ministro Pistarini Intl, but Ezeiza) and the name of the position. Do not write the ICAO code or the position code neither write it in UPPER CASE (caps) only! Also, avoid the use of accented characters (like in MŁnchen, CuiabŠ, S„o Paulo etc.).


Just write the runway you'll operate. If more than one is being used, divide them using the & (ampersand) or - (hyphen) symbol, without spaces.

It's good to write just the needed. Here's an example of a good ATIS.

Otopeni Tower information QUEBEC recorded at 2345z
LROP 160900Z 24004KT 200V280 CAVOK 08/01 Q1028 8809//95 NOSIG
ARR RWY 26L-26R / DEP RWY 26L / TRL FL055 / TA 4000FT
CONFIRM ATIS INFO QUEBEC on initial contact

Here's a sample of how it's readed.

To Do List Because nothing is perfect (even if we try it)

Known issues that will be corrected on the next version.

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Reach me via mail.

ATC Position